Medical Gas Product Approvals and Testing

LOKRING Technology offers a patented, permanent, axially swaged tube fitting. This technology for medical gas applications has been approved by NFPA 99-2005 (Paragraph (4)).

Imagine being able to shut down your medical gas system and within minutes being able to install a tie-in, a tee for future expansion, or cap off a line for renovation. Medical gas tie-ins can be installed as fast as you can drain the lines.

Simply bleed the medical gas or vacuum line, cut and clean the tubing, and install a LOKRING fitting. It takes less than five minutes to install a permanent, leak-tight fitting. Since no brazing is necessary, no expensive nitrogen NF purge is required. Without brazing, no particulate is created during installation. Gas lines go back into service as fast as the Credentialed Medical Gas Verifier can document proper concentrations.

Products Standards:

  • Fitting material 360 Brass as per ASTM B16.
  • Fittings are cleaned to CGA G-4.1 standard. (OC = Oxygen Clean)
  • Fittings are approved by NFPA 99-2005 and meet or exceed the design requirements of brazed fittings

Pressure Testing

This test was performed on 1½” Type K copper tubing. As shown, the copper tubing burst at 3200 psi while the fitting remained intact.

MedGas Copper fitting test photo